About Us

  • We are residents of Meridian Idaho and have spent the last several months working on the plans of building a local Ice Rink.  Our Ice rink will be one of a kind.  We will be using the latest technology of synthetic ice.  Yes, you can come and skate in your shorts!
  • The only current year round community ice rink is on the far east side of our community.  Most of our families who would enjoy the opportunity to ice skate or play ice hockey live on the west side of our community.  Rather than have a full size ice rink we plan to have multiple ice surfaces for both public skating and ice hockey training.
  • We are excited to share this with all of the families in the West Ada area!  We need your help to finance this.  The cost to build is much more than what we can do on our own and are looking for the support of the community!  
  • We are starting the Founder's Club,  to show investors and banks how much support there is for another Ice rink that is more convenient to our families.  We hope to raise $90,000 in the next 3 months to help us on our way to building this project. 
  •  We will be so grateful to all those who can donate!  We believe this will be a great addition to the wonderful family friendly location of Meridian, Idaho.

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